Rapid Biology is a quick revision book for CBSE and ICSE students. It covers complete biology, NCERT syllabus of Class XI and XII. All the important topics are covered in points, flow charts and are summarised, which makes it easy to learn and memorize the key points of CBSE books and ICSE Books. Format of Rapid Biology helps in easy learning of topics that comes in Medical entrance like AIPMT, AIIMS. Rapid Biology is your short notebook for easy and fast recapitulation of CBSE Book topics which keeps you exam ready

What Are The Topics Covered In Rapid Biology By Mtg ? 

Table of Contents: nature and Scope of Biology

Unit 1: diversity of life 1. Systematics 2. Viruses 3. Kingdom monera 4. Kingdom Protista 5. Fungi, lichen and mycorrhiza

Unit 2: kingdom Plantae 6. Plant classification 7. Algae 8.
bryophyta 9. Pteridophyta 10.
gymnosperms 11. Angiosperms

Unit 3: kingdom Animalia 12. Evolutionary trends & classification of animals 13. Protozoa 14. Non-chordates 15. Chordates

Unit 4: cell Biology 16. Tools and techniques in cytology 17. Cell as a
Unit of life 18. Biomembrane 19. Structural organization of cell 20. Biomolecules 21. Enzymes 22. Cellular metabolism 23. Cell Reproduction

Unit 5: evolution 24. Origin of life 25. Relationship among Organisms and evidences of evolution 26. Theories of evolution 27. Human evolution

Unit 6: structural and organisation in Plants and animals 28. Plant taxonomy 29. Morphology of Flowering Plants 30. Anatomy of Flowering Plants 31. Animal tissue 32. Integumentary system 33. Morphology and anatomy of animals (Frog, cockroach, rabbit, earthworm)

Unit – 7: Plant physiology 34. Water relations of plants 35. Mineral Nutrition in Plants 36. Photosynthesis 37. Respiration in Plants

Unit – 8: Human physiology 38. Nutrition & digestive system 39. Breathing & exchange of Gases 40. Locomotion and movement 41. Body fluids and circulation 42. Excretory system 43. Nervous system 44. Sense organs 45. Endocrine system

Unit – 9: Reproduction, development and growth 46. Reproduction in Flowering Plants 47. Plant Growth and movement 48. Phytohormones 49. Human Reproduction 50. Embryonic development 51. Growth, repair, regeneration, ageing & death

Unit – 10: genetics 52. Heredity and variation 53. Genes & chromosomes 54. Genetic material & protein synthesis 55. Gene expression & regulation 56. Human genetics and its disorders

Unit – 11: ecology and Environment 57. Organisms and Environment 58. Population, biotic community & succession 59. Ecosystem 60. Natural resources and their conservation 61. Diversity 62. Pollution & global environmental changes 63. Wildlife and conservation

Unit – 12: applied Biology 64. Biotechnology and genetic engineering 65. Domestication of plants and crop improvement 66. Plant tissue culture 67. Economic Botany 68. Plant pathology 69. Pesticides and biofertilizers 70. Mental health, addiction and community health 71. Immune system & defence mechanisms 72. Common human diseases 73. Biomedical technologies 74. Domestication and improvement of animals 75. Animal behaviour 76. Bioenergy 77. Growth of human population

Is This Book Enough For Neet ?

Yes it is enough For Preparation Of Neet But First Read Whole Ncert Than use This Book For Revision.


Yes you should it is one the best book to prepare for neet but There are so many other books to give it competition Dowload it's Pdf and decide by yourself it is enough or not. Download Link is Given Below. 

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