Introduction :

Unacademy is the online learning platform for many competitive examination . In this article we will talk about that it is good for upsc or not. In beginning it was free online learning platform, where any one can learn for free but after some years unacademy launched new platform known as Unacademy Plus.

Founders :  Roman Saini, Gaurav Munjal and Hemesh Singh

Headquaters : Bangalore , India

Launch Date : January 2016

Subsidiaries : Wifistudy, Prepladder, Kreatryx

This was some basic Info about Unacademy now we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Unacademy Plus.



1. Get access to all the educators for all the subjects in UPSC like History, Geography, Polity, CSAT, Optional courses , Current Affairs, Science and so on.

2.Direct interactaion with the educators during live sessions .

3.Every fourth class is doubt clearing session.

4.Get the personal attention required for our preparation like during mains answer writing practice.

5.Regular test series.

6.All the classes are scheduled in advance. 


1.Umpteen educators in this platform. Some are just an aspirant, some are experienced.

2.No doubt teachers of Unacademy are hardworking.

3.You can not cancel your subscription. Your valuable money will be wasted.

4.You are not going to get regular All India tests to check Your level position in this big crowd.

5.You don't get any coaching material there.

6.In doubt clearing sessions only 40to 50 doubts were cleared at a time. So the probability of getting Your doubt cleared is somewhat 50/2000 and that’s the worst scenarios.


It's a matter of perspective. When you join a coaching, do they give you an assurity of selection? Now, Unacademy is no different than a coaching except it is transparent. It allows learners to firstly check out the free courses by various educators and then when you feel that these educators could get you through your exam, I'd suggest you join plus.

Also, you don't get just one batch and one set of teachers. Rather you can explore a whole lot of educators. It's true that you might get along with only one or two for a subject but again that is more than what the coaching industry provides.

 It have some drawbacks but i felt very productive in order to guide my own preparation on right track. additionally, if you spend your money in your career making then, that kind of investment definitely pay you back with 100 percent interest.

According to Me you can take subscription if you are hard working and also taking subscription make you conscious about your money and may be make you serious about your study.

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